Time to check your batteries!

  • Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Cold weather during autumn is hard on batteries, so it's wise to check the batteryBatteries face a rough time during cold days You must be able to rely on their proper functioning. It’s as simple as that. Research shows that batteries are the 3rd highest cause of truck breakdowns. No wonder it is of the most importance during the upcoming cold days, not only to start the engine, but also to keep all sorts of on-board systems going.


Prolonging battery lifetime and preventing unplanned downtime (and costs) is of the essence. To that end we have a range of vital products and services at your disposal: battery checks, battery chargers, battery guards. What’s good for your batteries is good for a trouble-free journey!

Here are a few tips which will help you to extend the battery life time and will prevent unplanned downtime and costs.

Charge your batteries regularly when possible during an overnight stop or weekend break. In many cases a truck battery won’t get 100% charged during normal driving time due to the various power consumers. Batteries that are charged 100% will save fuel and will extend the battery life-time significantly. TRP offers a professional range of battery chargers to fully charge your batteries in just a few hours.

Turn off power consumers when not required, especially when the engine is turned-off. Turn of interior and external lighting when not required and use your accessories wisely.

Be careful in the winter when the temperatures drops below zero degrees. The battery capacity already decreases 40% at 0 degrees. This applies to both old and new batteries.

Ask us to install a battery guard to protect your battery against deep discharge. The battery guard will disconnect the power to your consumers when the voltage drops below 22V. This way you will always be able to start the engine the next time.

Visit our online TRP eCatalogue for the full range of batteries, chargers and accessories. Keep your batteries in perfect condition, extend your battery lifetime and save costs. Check your batteries now at your TRP workshop to prevent any unplanned down-time and costs.